Dear Dempsey: What Are Some Tips For Choosing the Best Plan For Myself and My Family?

October 12, 2017

  1.  See if you qualify for financial assistance.  You may qualify if you answer yes to these questions:
    1. Is your household income between 100 and 400% of the federal poverty level?
    2. Are you a US citizen or lawfully present?
    3. Are you not afforded coverage through your employer?
  2. Write down all of the doctors you and your family see and compare your list to the provider network of each plan.
  3. Write down all of the medications your family takes and compare your list to the formulary list of each plan.
  4. Think about what is most important to you in your coverage.  Is prescription coverage a priority?  Maybe you’d like to explore the benefits of an HSA.  Do you find yourself scheduling a lot of general office visits throughout the year?
  5. If you don’t know how deductibles, copays, maximum out of pockets work, contact an agent who can explain and help determine what might work for your situation.  (While you’re at it, let us look up your doctors and medications, too!)
  6. Always remember to pay your first month’s bill even if you don’t receive an invoice.  Your coverage doesn’t start until your premium is paid.
  7. Sit back and relax with a pumpkin spice something or other after you’ve completed the open enrollment process for another year!